Mathematical plotter for the desktop

goplot GUI

gOplot is powered by oplot



gOplot needs the venerable libraries SDL1.2 (and not SDL2!) and GTK2 (with GL extension). It also uses the GSL (Gnu Scientific Library). They are all very common and stable, and should be easy to install.

On a ubuntu system you may simply type:

sudo apt install libgtkgl2.0-1 libgsl23 libsdl-ttf2.0-0 libsdl-image1.2

To enable exporting to EPS or PDF you need fig2dev:

sudo apt install fig2dev

Finally for an optimal use, you should also consider installing LaTeX and fig2ps:

sudo apt install texlive fig2ps


Linux binaries are in the repo directory. Debian-like systems can use the latest .deb file. Install it with sudo dpkg -i <filename> and then run goplot.

For others, just create a new dir (or use /usr/local), extract the archive there, and run bin/goplot.

You may specify a specific scale for graphics (if the DPI is not correcty detected) with the ā€˜-sā€™ option. For instance

goplot -s 1.6


If you have the usual ocaml development stack (dune), you can easily build goplot by cloning this repository and

dune exec bin/goplot.exe