Module Oplot

Simple mathematical plotter library for ocaml with fast graphics (opengl), LaTeX display, and high quality vector output (xfig, postscript or PDF)

oplot exampleoplot example

Source available on github.

San Vũ Ngọc


Oplot can be used in the toplevel. First load the library with

#use "topfind";;
#require "oplot";;

You may open the Oplot.Plt module for easy access to all plot functions.

open Oplot.Plt;;

Draw the graph of the sine function with

let p = plot sin (-2.) 20.
let a = axis 0. 0. ;;

display [Color red ; p ; Color black ; a];;

This will open a window with the graphics, which should look like this:

oplot example

Press F for fullscreen toggle, CTRL-S for saving the image, and ESC or Q to close the window. Press h to see the list of active keys.

Of course you can play with it:

let rec sh i = if i==0 then [] else 
    let p = line_plot_f (fun x->sin (x+.(float_of_int i)/.50.)) 0. 20. ~pas:0.05 in 
    let c = color ((float_of_int i)/.50.) (1.-.((float_of_int i)/.50.)) 0. in 
c::(p::(sh (i-1)));;

display (sh 50) ;;
oplot example
module Points : sig ... end

Types of points

Main Oplot functions

This module contains all plotting functions.

module Plt : sig ... end

Main Oplot functions

Oplot internals

Oplot internal functions are useful for creating user interfaces.

module Internal : sig ... end