Module Bogue.Text_display

module Text_display: sig .. end

Multi-line text display widget.

Dependency graph

type t 
type words 

Preparing the text

val example : words
val raw : string -> words
val bold : words -> words
val italic : words -> words
val normal : words -> words
val underline : words -> words
val strikethrough : words -> words
val page : words list -> words list
val para : string -> words
val paragraphs_of_string : string -> words list

Creating the widget

Use Widget.text_display or Widget.verbatim for plain text, or Widget.rich_text for "rich text" (containing bold, italics, etc. using the functions listed above.)

Modifying the widget

val replace : by:t -> t -> unit

replace ~by:t2 t1 replaces the text content of t1 by the one of t2. See also Widget.get_text_display.

val update_verbatim : t -> string -> unit