Module Bogue.Image

module Image: sig .. end

Image widget.

Dependency graph

type t 
val create : ?width:int ->
?height:int ->
?noscale:bool ->
?bg:Draw.color -> ?angle:float -> string -> t

create "image.jpg" will load the image "image.jpg". The actual load occurs only once, on the first time the image widget is effectively displayed. The image is then stored in a texture. All Sdl_image image formats are supported.

The file "image.png" will be search in the current Theme directory. Absolute paths starting with "/" can also be used.

noscale : if true, the image will appear at the original hardware pixel size. By default, noscale=false and the image is scaled using the Theme SCALE variable.
val create_from_svg : ?width:int -> ?height:int -> ?bg:Draw.color -> string -> t

Load an svg image. This requires the rsvg or rsvg-convert program.

Remark: With SDL_Image >= 2.0.2, one can use Image.create to load SVG files, but the size is not correctly handled (the image will be rendered at its 'internal SVG size', and then scaled, which may result in poor accuracy).